Application cases
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Our products are used in industry, biology, medicine, food, space travel and research and beyond - and the range of possible applications is correspondingly broad.

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An overview of the technical uses
of our cryogenic product range.

Cryogenics and low-temperature technology are required to generate and maintain low temperatures (by the Joule-Thomson effect), and to use or examine certain physical effects at low temperatures (by the liquefaction and separation of gases). The temperature range covered by cryo-technology is usually considered to be below −150 ° C. Temperatures of 77.4 K (−195.8°c, the boiling point of nitrogen), 20.4 K (with hydrogen), and 4.2 K (with helium) can easily be achieved and maintained with Cryotherm equipment.

Storage and transport of vaccines

Our range of cryogenic and technical equipment can help you with the safe and efficient distribution of vaccines and components.

Storage and transport of liquid nitrogen (LIN)

To be able to store and transport liquid nitrogen safely and efficiently, we have constructed special vacuum super-insulated containers.

Storage and transport of liquid helium (LHe)

To be able to store and transport ultra-cold liquid helium safely and efficiently, we have constructed special vacuum super-insulated containers.

Storage, transport, and transfer of liquid hydrogen (LH2)

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Cryotherm will be happy to show you the options for storing, transporting, or transferring LH2.

Storage, transport, and transfer of liquified natural gas (LNG)

Cryotherm has developed special solutions for the optimal storage, transport, or transfer of natural gas in liquid form.

Freezing and storing biological samples

The unique BIOSAFE ® from Cryotherm revolutionises the long-term storage of medical samples and offers you quality, efficiency, and safety.

SiVL transfer of liquefied gases

The transfer of cryogenic, liquefied gases is almost loss-free, safe, and efficient with the special vacuum super-insulated transfer lines from…

Cryogenic cooling baths for shrinking and the perfect fit

With the cryogenic cooling baths from Cryotherm you can shrink and cool in an environmentally friendly way with the most effective low-temperature…

Truck transport containers up to 3,000 litres

Our vehicle-mounted storage products guarantee you the smooth and safe transport of cryogenic fluids and liquefied gases.

Cryogenics: Systems for transport cooling

Whilst on your way, you can achieve optimal cooling temperatures with Cryotherm’s cryo-systems for transport cooling.

Control and monitoring devices for cryogenics

Maintain an overview and control over the pressure ratios, filling quantity, and temperature of your cryogenic operations with the right technology…

Customizing & engineering for cryogenics

Cryotherm would love to work with you to develop individual and special solutions for your cryogenic requirements.

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