Corona vaccine distribution:

For decades, we have been producing and delivering our cryogenics from Germany all over the world. Today, it can make a decisive contribution to pandemic control.

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COVID-19 vaccine &

With different sizes and versions of our liquid nitrogen operated cryogenic freezer, Cryotherm offers the complete solution for cryopreservation.


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Vaccine sample cycles fully under control.

Let data do the talking: From monitoring to recording to evaluating the sample cycle, BIOSAFE® smart reliably does the work for you.

Master sample cycles

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Enabling the distribution of vaccine doses.
You can see how we are fighting the Corona pandemic in the following video:

Our solutions for
transport and storage of vaccines.

Cryopreservation is an essential part of the solution to the problem we are currently facing together. In order for the vaccines to reach their targets, existing technical achievements must be used. Our product range includes every cryogenic technology needed for biobanks. In addition, we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of transport in cryotechnology. Contact us so that we can put together the complete solution you need, or simply enquire about our products.

With different sizes and versions of the BIOSAFE®, supplemented with extensive accessories, Cryotherm® offers the complete solution for your cryopreservation tasks.

Smart. Stable. Steady.

BIOSAFE® from Cryotherm has long been a term that has stood for quality and safety in low-temperature technology. Our experience, our technology, and our know-how make the decision to choose BIOSAFE® an easy one. Cryo-preservation using cryogenic liquefied nitrogen is a proven practice in science, research, medicine, environmental research, and technology.

Available in different sizes and designs, and supplemented by extensive accessories, the Cryotherm  BIOSAFE® offers a complete solution for your cryo-preservation activities.

  • Nitrogen cooled freezer for generating low temperatures
  • Controlled and programmed freezing of your samples
  • Administration and back-up of your sample data through the sample management system
  • Supply system optimised to your needs for the liquified nitrogen via the APOLLO® supply tank
  • Or supplied directly from a super-insulated transfer line (SiVL)
  • The orderly classification of your samples using the BIOSAFE® classification system
  • Remote monitoring of your samples with the remote monitoring system CRYO-MESSENGER®

Our freezer: BIOSAFE®

Biosafe - Cryobehälter

Unmistakable & sophisticated*:
Ergonomic lift/swivel mechanism/ Low, user-friendly container height.

Double secured!
double secured! mechanical and optional electronic lockable lid.

Strongly thought out in detail.
High nitrogen reserve under the adjustable bottom is sufficient for several days, depending on the tank size.

High storage capacity
For up to 23,100 samples 2ml ampoules.

Perfect to disinfect
smooth surfaces - also on the lid

Low evaporation rates
maximum 2,3 %/day, measured during gas phase storage

Optimized storage capacity
by using space-saving high-efficiency classification systems.

TOP accessibility
to the samples, ideal for regular use

Ahead of the market:
The integrated BIOSAFE® smart controller
as level control and container monitoring

Controlled the low temperatures,
the vaccines stored in a controlled manner.

With our products for storing, transporting and using liquid gases, we meet your very highest quality requirements. Count on efficiency, safety, robustness and ease of movement with our premium nitrogen products. For example, buy our Apollo to store liquid nitrogen.

Connected to Biosafe through one of our transfer lines, thus fed with liquid LN2, the absolute minimum requirement for a Cryotherm biobank is created.

Mobiler Stickstoffbehälter mit Vakuumsuperisolation und Langzeitvakuumschutz
Helios - Flüssighelium lagern und transportieren

Life Science products for the storage
and/or transport of Corona vaccines.


Turnkey biobank systems, including advice, planning, engineering, service, and maintenance.

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Cryopreservation at its best with our Cryocooler BIOSAFE®

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BIOSAFE® smart

Turn your biobank network into a worldwide network

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Biological samples optimally stored.

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Intelligent sample management with the BIOSAFE® iTrack.

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